Get in Gear

Ever jumped into the car and mashed the gas pedal only to hear the engine roar and go nowhere?  It’s a bit embarrassing and somewhat frustrating, but easily corrected.  You just have to put the car in gear.  Otherwise, the car will just make a lot of noise, but you’ll make no progress. 

We can often find ourselves in that position in our lives…stuck in neutral and going nowhere because we have allowed ourselves to focus on things that hold us back, rather than on the freeing power of Jesus Christ.  But God did not call us, nor does he want us to remain in neutral.  Of course Satan doesn’t care if we make a lot of noise, as long as we don’t make real progress toward something that will echo in eternity. 

In order to get in gear and out of neutral we need to realize that God wants to give us the power to live life in such a way that it demands explanation…to live a life that stands out rather than blends in.  So what is it that keeps us stuck?  There are a few possibilities that I’d like you to consider:

  1. Bad Thinking – Many Christians spend far too much time dwelling on things and situations that damage us more than serve us.  When we allow our thoughts to dwell in fear, doubt, worry, etc., we get stuck.  But God wants too and can renew our mind and our thinking in positive and life-changing ways. 
  2. A Hard Heart – How do you know if you have a hard heart?  If you are living with disobedience, lost or broken relationships, a lack of forgiveness toward others, and a lack of prayer and time spent with God’s word.  If so, then ask God to begin to allow the Spirit to begin to soften your heart.  A tender heart is humble and teachable and will listen to the voice of God.
  3. A Closed Spirit – This is evident by lost passion, anger, withdrawal, and escape.  it destroys relationships.  When you close your spirit to God and others, you suppress the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. 
  4. Wrong Success – Many Christians, especially men, will devote themselves to pursuing worldly definitions of success, but at the price of true success.  Even people in the world will reach the highest levels of “success” and still know that it’s not enough.  Watch this video for a jaw-dropping example of this truth:

Tom Brady is the epitome of worldly success….and yet, something is missing.  The world says, “Find success and you will find significance.”  God says, “Find true significance and you will be successful.” 

There’s a whole different dimension of faith, love, and life that God has for each of us, yet many of us will never experience it.  Yes, we’ll go to heaven, but that not all of what God intends for us.  He wants us to get unstuck, and get in gear. 


3 Responses

  1. Broken Relationships – Coach, this message allows me to stop, consider, and to re-assess my heart and mind, seeing such matters that are much needed of implementation into either my short or, long term goals towards improving my walk with Christ.
    You see for a while now I’ve been re-evaluating relationships and other things in my life that have been detrimental, hendering my walk & growth vs those just simply hendering my walk due to pride of unforgiveness in my heart.
    In addition, even when there are times I felt or, feel justified, I’m learning that unforgiveness only builds up such pridefulness, as arrogance while pertaining to feelings, ideals, beliefs,opinions that arises from each stimulus.
    Today, like most, I got up saying, believing, “God, since you woke me up, allowing me to live another day, then I realize you’ve given me a fresh start!” And it feels good knowing that I can start all over, anew, and once again having a fresh, new beginning!
    I ask him all the time to take my heart out, wash and cleanse it! Whatever isn’t right in me…show me, and WITH HIM -(keeping in mind – Peter, walking on water) the word, along with prayer and guidance of a message, He lets me know whatever topic(s), whatever it is, that together we can do it and – today begins a process towards having a fresh outlook, beginning, originating, then commencing with Him! New revelation, growth, change or, even repairing this (my) heart/mind.
    However, since sincerely committing to this, while doing so, I’ve had to re-evaluate my life and therefore, make some very tough decisions, recently.
    I’ve come to a point now in my journey where I’m seeing myself at this starting line, on a fresh journey, taking advantage that each day I wake up, its a new starting line – a fresh chance – towards a new learning, (like in these msg.’s you posted, that I’ll utilize as a checklist too).
    I’ve come to understand such subject matters that God wants to work on with me, while all-knowing what’s in my heart, knows too that some things will require more work than others,(as He has reminded me that even His disciples were all different, whom struggled with different issues)simply because He knows the history of my chronicle. However, there are too simply some things I just need to let go of, as expressed in your post.
    In addition, I’m making more time to simply lay still, listen to His voice, and He says, “I’m here”. Sometimes I just simply need to know He’s in a chair in my bedroom or, sitting among me in my living room! My former Pastor often told me this during times I was very sick once coming home from the hospital, where often times at night I battled anxiety. He still says, “I’m here!” “I promised to never leave you nor forsake you” and by faith I too believe. Gentle as a gentleman, as kind as He can be…He begins showing and teaching me delicately, like a dove, and says, “together we need to work on “this”.
    I take it since he knows my nature and my needs, He comes to me delicately, not in an overwhelming fashion, (as like how negative thoughts persue us, He adds)!
    He allows brief resting periods, where together I can escape the cares of this world and rest in His peace, a place where He is, where in the stillness of time I’m able to feel Him simply in such manner befriending me or, merely couneling me softly with kind words of teaching and wisdom.
    You see, all my life I’ve had stressful jobs, such like many, however, found with Him though, I don’t have to be perfect or, stressed when concerning those things surrounding my environment of everyday life. Each day, like a friend picking me up in their car,I wake up, with intent just to allow Him to take me…teach me…show me IN SUCH A WAY I NEVER KNEW/NOT OF MYSELF… and truly I’m finding that He does life better than anyone else I’ve ever known and here are times I’m learning…I can’t wait to have a moment where I can just lay down and go on a still and quiet journey with Him, while He subtly teaches me new insight and direction towards a new way! A ride that setting aside my opinions, I desire eagerly to go on! (For possessing Faith here…I can live and where he meets me for much seeds to be planted). A place of true tranquilty!
    I thank God for this post, because its just His way of bringing, maintaining, and ensuring balance in areas in my life I continually need fixing.
    Right now though, I will let go, allow Him to take me on a journey of cleansing, learning, and growing while implementing these studies into my daily devotional time, as well as short/long term goals to the matters they so do pertain.
    And more importantly, pay more closely attention, while monitoring if and when my foot is on the gas pedal in neutral or, am I putting such msg.’s in gear and in the right one!
    Perspective with God I ask for prayer formost, and that I keep all that I learn maintained or, otherwise I have potential to get stuck in neutral, while trying to do things my way! This is my prayer request and I’ll most certainly implement those numbered areas in my spiritual short & long term goals and in to stand guarded.

    Sunday sermon, I believe you said, a journey cannot be measured by distance but faith. I needed to hear this from God and thank Him for using you to allow me to hear this message. Its one most pertinent I’ll utilize towards my goals!

    Just today God spoke to me and said, “Walk like Jesus walked”. Truly having a relationship with Christ is most certainly endeavoring in spirit and truth on pursuit continually in great effort to think, act, believe, and journey as He did. Only in His Spirit can I do this because there’s so much as you stated can get in the way of this ie. pain, hurt, anxiety, relationships, and many things that can set off such balance towards achieving my goals.
    I ask that anyone who reads this post to keep me and my family in your prayers and I’ll most certainly will do the same for each of you!

  2. We need more role models like him!!!!

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