Who Am I? (Humorous)

Yesterday, in my post titled “Clueless”, I addressed the question of “Who am I?”  Far too many times we let other people define who we are and what we are supposed to be, instead of letting God define our identity.  Well, in a humorous way, I received something in the mail yesterday that illustrates just how foolish it is to let someone else define who we are.  Click on this picture below to see a larger version…..then click on the back arrow in your web browser to continue reading below.


Just in case you don’t know me….if there is anything I am NOT…..it’s a handyman.  Sure it would be cool if I was, but the one time I had to retrieve tools for a contractor out of my wife’s pink toolbox (which was discarded immediately after the fact), proved to me that I am definitely not a handyman.  No self-respecting handyman would have ever allowed his tools to be put in his wife’s pink cadoodles make-up box.  But I digress….

The point is, allowing others to define who we are is as foolish as thinking this letter to me really indicated who I am.  I’m not that guy.  I know it deep down (although I can swing a mean tape measure…err…hammer).  When we allow others to paint (yet another handyman term) a picture of us that we strive to live up too, we know deep down that’s not really us, but we can’t stop ourselves, because we’ve not listened to the voice of God telling us who we really are. 

So…..how have you let others direct your path?  How have you allowed what other people have said about you shape who you are and what you do?  Any one want to offer their personal experiences here?   


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