Ever been somewhere that you’re not sure of where you are and have no map to help you? 


It’s a pretty helpless feeling (unless you’re a man…and if you are…. you may not know where you are, but at least you know where you aren’t….so you got that going for you).   But for most people, it’s hard to get where you’re going if you don’t have some basic information.  Without those answers you will never reach your destination, or if you do, it will be more by accident than intentional and will take much longer than it should have (Can I get an “Amen” from the women?)

God made us to fly, to have significance and to make a particular contribution to the world.  But it’s really hard to get there without some basic, but irreplaceable information.  That information can be found in the answers to a few key questions:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. Why Was I Created?
  3. What Was I Created to Do?

WHO AM I – is about our identity.  The answer is not what we do or what we have.  It’s not what other people say about you or the size of your bank account.  The answer is found in what God says about you.  Take a look at this passage of scripture….

Matthew 3:16-17 “This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” 

Why is that important?  Because Jesus hadn’t even started his ministry yet.  All he had done was be a faithful son.  Up until that point, lots of fingers were pointed, lots of whispers were passed around behind backs, that Jesus was illegitimate.  There is no record that God had spoken at all up until this point.  But in a simple sentence, God gives Jesus his true identity.  Jesus belonged to God.  It wasn’t based on what people said, and it wasn’t based on what Jesus had done…it was simply based on his relationship to God…and THAT is the ultimate answer to the question of Who Am I?  Do you belong to God?

WHY WAS I CREATED – The first question deals with identity.  This one deals with our purpose in life.  As a church, we studied Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” in the spring of 2006.  It has been used by God to help thousands of people deal with this question.  But it’s hard to really understand why you were created, why you are breathing, if you don’t really understand who you are…who you belong to.  Unless you can answer the first question, you will try to answer this one in your own power, through your own observations and conclusions about life, and more than likely, you will tailor it to something you think you are good at rather than the something greater that God designed you for. 

Immediately after Jesus was baptised, he wound up in the wilderness facing intense temptation and trial at the hands of Satan.  In his current condition, it would have been easy to give in…to make excuses.  But he realized there was a greater purpose, something more for him to achieve and it gave him the fuel to persevere. 

Luke 4:18-19, 21The Spirit of the lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good new to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor…and he began by saying to them, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

God has a destiny, a design, a purpose, something more for each of us.  Our faithfulness to pursue it will echo in eternity. 

WHAT WAS I CREATED TO DO – If we have a purpose, then this is naturally the question that follows.  What is it?  And this question speaks to our potential.  God loves us and is pleased with us because He already sees what we cannot.  He sees through His Son what we will become.  It is about moving into the realms of the impossible.  It is about believing that we are part of God’s great story and that we are key players. 

There is a good work for each of us to do.  God has an incredible story, and He has taken a piece of it, placed it in our hearts, and said, “I have planted destiny in you.”

Do You Sense It?  Can You Imagine the Possibilities?


5 Responses

  1. The question heavy on my mind lately has been “What was I created to do?” I’m searching for a career path, and I thought I knew the direction I was created to go. But, that hasn’t worked out yet. It’s possible that I’m still supposed to go that direction, but what if I’m not? I think this blog reminded me that even though I’m going through a time of uncertainty about what I should “do,” I have to lean on the truths of who I am and why I was created. Coach Greer said once that God’s will is not like a target, but a large pasture. He lets us roam in that pasture freely. Maybe I need to expand my vision of my pasture so I can see all the options.

  2. I understand what you’re saying, Randi. (Coming from the music major, turned paralegal, turned stay-at-home-mom.) I’m struggling with this, myself. I feel like God has some really big things He wants me to do, but I just don’t quite know what that is. I know what has helped me is paring down my life to the basics. Getting back to my roots, finding my roots, even! But I trust that God is going to show up, and He is going to reveal to all who seek Him exactly what He wants us to do!

  3. Having been one that has wandered God’s large pasture, and having arrived at the job he was guiding me to (although I am sure my wandering days are not over.) I can assure you that God will bring you to a place he wants you to be.
    Looking back over the many years he developed my skills in job after job, there have been times I asked why I had been placed in that job. I have also had opportunities for jobs I thought I really wanted, go away (doors closed) only to be placed in a job I thought was temporary. That temporary job has now turned out to be 13 years and counting (door opened). I fully expect to retire from my current job, (My expectations, not God’s) But who knows what might be next. All I can say for sure is he will place me where I need to be.
    Looking back from today, I can say that from the moment I placed the need for my job in God’s hands to today, He has put me in exactly the right job to develop me for the job I am in today. I have trusted him completely to provide for my lively hood, and he has done so. I do not think I would be where I am today if it were not for that trust. (Even when I knew better).
    Now I just need to trust him the same way in all the other areas of my life.

  4. I have placed the course of my life entirely into God’s hands and have been blessed over and over again by going where God has lead me. It has been very difficult to understand where he has pointed me some times, but as Marc mentioned in his comment, even if you do not see the importance of what you are doing now, it is amazing when you look back later and realize you never would have gotten where you are without having gone through those previous experiences. The key is always keeping your heart and mind open to see his signs and then stepping out and acting on those signs when you see them. I was sent an e-mail back years ago that talks about keeping your eyes open to God’s oppourtunities and I keep it around to always remind me. I have included it below for everyone. Enjoy! >;O)

    God granting miracles:

    A religious man is on top of a roof during a great flood. A fellow man comes by in his boat and says “Quick! Get in, get in!” The religous man replies, “No! I have faith in God, he will grant me a miracle.”

    As time passes the water raises and is up to his knees and another boat comes by and the guy yells “Get in and I’ll take you with me to the high ground.” The religious man responds “I have faith in God and God is going to answer my prayers with a miracle.”

    More time passes and the water is now waist high. Another boat spots him and tries to come to his rescue, but he turns down the offer again because “God loves him and will grant him a miracle to save him from this situation.”

    Later, with the water almost to his chin, a helicopter flies over and sees him struggling to hold his place against the water. The helicopter crew throws down a ladder and they motion for him to climb up. The religious man pushes away the ladder shouting “My God will come through for me and save me from this flood!” The helicopter leaves and the religious man is over taken by the flood.

    The religious man arrives at the gates of heaven with shakin faith and can not comprehend how God would let something like this happen to him. Upon reaching Peter he comments, “I thought God would grand me a miracle, but nothing happened. How could he let me down?”

    St. Peter looks over at him, sighs, and responds, “I don’t know what you mean. God sent two of your neighbors over with their boats and you turned them away. He sent the Coast Guard with their boat and you refused to get onboard. And He was in the pilot’s heart when he decided to go back out to try and save just one more person, even though they had almost exhausted their fuel supply, but you refused to extend your hand and climb.

    God grants us miracles every day, but it’s up to us to see them and when needed, take action on them.

  5. It was kind of funny, right after I published my first comment, I was listening to the radio, there was a short commentary about Noah, talk about a man with confidence in God, took him 120 years to complete what God planned for him.

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