Hello World! It’s time for something more….

Well, the time has come, and I have decided to bite the bullet and undertake the discipline of blogging. I have contemplated this for several years, and even made a false start about two years ago, and quickly changed my mind…..kind of like buyer’s remorse. The
thought of being responsible for putting my thoughts online on a regular (if not daily) basis, was a bit overwhelming, even frightening, and was enough to get me to withdraw before I even got going.

But we began this year with the idea that we should GO B.I.G., something so B.I.G. that you have to B-ring I-n G-od. You were challenged to find something that grips you so much that you have to keep going back to God for it…something that you have to be persistent with….something that takes you out of your ordinary, into something extraordinary, which is the realm in which God excels.

It is the extraordinary that keeps us going…the out of the box, gotta believe that God not only can, but will…. that makes the ordinary
bearable. Too many of us live ordinary lives….settling for what we’ve already experienced, because we have yet to see something beyond the ordinary. We go to churches that follow the same old tired patterns and routines that they have followed for years, and people settle for ordinary. We work around people who are satisfied with getting by instead of excelling, and it rubs off on us. We are related to people who have told us not to dream to big because you’ll just be disappointed, and so we follow their advice and blend into the fabric of ordinary.

So, if we’re ever going to break out to something larger, beyond our own experience, we’re going to have to plead with and trust God for it. And God loves to deliver to those who will truly step out in faith. You don’t have to be a church planter, or missionary, or some sort of “ministry professional” to live out that sort of faith. It can and should take place right in the midst of your ordinary life. Then people KNOW that God has shown up.

So for me, I have decided to move out of my comfort zone, and put myself out there through blogging…. to share my thoughts, my heart, my successes, my failures, and my observations about life and God. And I believe that God is going to show up….B.I.G.

I hope you’ll join me… dive in… the water’s fine (but it is cold, this is Peoria in the wintertime after all).  🙂


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